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From a close collaboration between architects and artisans, MONODOPERA is born, a play on words that sums up the essence of the Italian local “Manodopera – craftsmanship “ and the “Mono”as a single product, a unique non-serial element

Whether it is renovations, conversions, customized installations, we believe design is visible in all aspects of life, therefore there is no limit to the way it might be represented or challenged. The studio strives to explore new creative solutions by bringing together passionate, highly competent people, from different fields of design, in order to explore new possibilities and to cross the boundaries of creativity.

The Italian artisanship has been improved a lot through the generations, in order to reach the unique excellence in the world.

Our main goal is to bring to light to local craftsmanship, by offering the possibility to small local Italian manufacture to stand out and interface with the world to keep this centuries-old tradition alive.