Design assistance

Our goal is to simplify the workative relationship between draftsman, designers, architects, and craftsmen in order to guarantee them to communicate in the same “language”. We want to simplify the design and production process of the product supplied with turnkey projects, simplifying the work of the designer or the customer.

The interior and product design is in our DNA. We know the materials, the composition and the difference based on the use to reduce prices and find more convenient solutions. To the architects and designers we work with, we offer specific and timely technical support during the design phase, recommending the best choices.

Customer Support

Our engineering office is at customers’ disposal for on-site surveys and tests with state-of-the-art instruments, as well as drawings and 3D renderings that can simulate as closely as possible the actual project to be realized after careful checking.


Residential and contract furniture, urban furniture and buildings. We carry out a great many customized products also if designed by clients or architects.

Packaging and Transport

Packing is fundamental to guarantee that the products remain intact from the process during the transport, to do that we personally deal with the dispatch logistics and we guarantee the delivery.


If necessary we deal with the organization of the site. We work in Europe and throughout the world, optimizing space and work schedules. On-demand, we can provide supervisors to coordinate labor engaged locally by the principal, placing our know-how at their disposal.